How to Clean Your Navarre Watches?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 posted by BestLeatherItems


It is essential to keep our Navarre watches clean, ensuring they continue working for a long time. Regular cleaning can help them to maintain their function and the look of the overall watch. Wrist watches get dull with time if they are not cleaned regularly. So, make sure you make it a part of your regular schedule. Before cleaning up your watch, make sure you have the right tools to remove dirt and stains. If you don’t usethe appropriate tools, it might cause unwanted scratches. But if you don’t have the special tools, there is a way around. All you need is a paper towel, lukewarm water, dish soap, a toothbrush, and a glass cleaner. To clean the watch thoroughly, detach the bracelet or leather straps. It’ll separate the dial from the band.

After detaching leather straps, start cleaning the watch with a paper towel to remove dust and dirt stains. Make sure the cloth you use is soft so it can clean more efficiently. Mix dish soap and lukewarm water to make a soapy water solution, then put the watch in that mixture. The water should not be boiling, as it can damage the watch components inside. We would not recommend this procedure if your watch is not waterproof or water-resistant. Navarre watches are waterproof, so you do not have to worry about that. After a couple of minutes, take the watch out of the water and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dirt, grease, and sweat marks. You can put the leather straps or the steel chain in the soapy water solution. While the strap soaks, clean the watch with a toothbrush. Lightly scrub its crown, lugs, and the links between the straps or bracelet. To avoid unwanted scratches, clean it with a light hand so you can keep your Navarre watches robust and durable.

In the fourth step, rinse the dial and straps with warm water to clean and rinse away the soapy solution. If not rinsed properly, it can make your watch look old and dull. After rinsing it properly, use a paper towel or a bath towel to dry it out. In the fifth step, you need a soft cloth and glass cleaner spray to clean the watch case, face, and chain or straps to preserve the fresh and shiny look. If you regularly wear your Navarre watches, we recommend cleaning them at least once a week. Weekly care and maintenance will prevent corrosion and preserve its fresh polish and luxurious finishing. With these tips, you will not have to spend anything on a watch cleaning service; you can easily clean your watch at home and save dollars.

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