A Motorhead’s Guide to Buying Biker Wallets

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 posted by BestLeatherItems

The wallet is a vital fashion accessory for men, and this is why many designers have crafted a wide variety of men’s wallets to fit every occasion. For instance, some wallets are designed for travel, while others are more casual. Then, there are wallets specially designed for bikers. This might come as a surprise to most of you, but surely you have already seen biker wallets before. These types of wallets usually have a chain attached to them – which is why they are also known as chain wallets.

Most biker wallets are designed with natural or synthetic materials. However, most bikers prefer wallets that are made with natural materials like cowhide and other forms of leather. Of course, leather is already an essential piece of material in the biker community since they love wearing leather bracelets and jackets, among other accessories. Also, cowhide leather is a very durable material and usually inexpensive when you take into account how long it can last. A while ago, bikers used to prefer biker wallets made with denim, but this trend didn’t last, mainly because of low durability. For instance, if a biker was cruising through rain, denim wallets cannot keep money from getting wet. Moving on, the rules about their color are quite the same as any other wallet. Biker wallets usually have limited colors, which are mostly limited to dark blue, dark red, brown, and black. However, these wallets have unique designs with rough surfaces and rich, leathery textures. You might even find the occasional skulls, eagles, and bolts among the more sophisticated designs. Finally, you can also pick out the right wallet with the right chain. Biker wallets have chains that can be tied or hooked into belt loops. Now, you could either prefer to go with something that is visible from a distance to match your style, like a silver chain, or you could choose something a little more discreet, like a leather chain. The choice is yours.

Usually, people buy biker wallets to make a bold statement. This is also why bikers don’t prefer buying flat and dull designs. Instead, they prefer rough and shiny wallets with trendy chains. Also, they buy whatever suits their biker outfit or motorcycle gear the most. So, whether you’re buying biker wallets for yourself or your friend, think about which combination of designs will match with the gear the most.

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